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What is match-fixing in sport?

Match-fixing: irregularly influencing the course or result of a sports event in order to obtain advantage for oneself or for others and to remove all or part of the uncertainty normally associated with sport.

National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport

On 10 June 2011, all Australian sports ministers endorsed on behalf of their governments, a National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport (the National Policy) with the aim of protecting the integrity of Australian sport.

The National Policy, which is strongly welcomed by sporting codes and the betting industry, is underpinned by a nationally consistent legislative approach, strong links between governments, major sports, betting operators and law enforcers, and international collaboration.

National Integrity in Sport Unit

The Australian Government has established the National Integrity of Sport Unit to provide national oversight, monitoring and coordination of efforts to protect the integrity of sport in Australia from threats of doping, match-fixing and other forms of corruption.

The specific functions of the National Integrity of Sport Unit are to:

    • coordinate legislation, regulation, policies and administrative practices between the Commonwealth and the States to allow governments to adopt appropriate measures to ensure sport is drug-free
        • provide national coordination, monitoring, reporting, and strengthen relationships between state and territory governments, regulators, sporting organisations, law enforcement agencies, and other agencies as appropriate
            • work with like-minded nations, the international sports movement, betting operators and regulators on match-fixing and fraudulent betting issues and advocate for a global response to match-fixing
                • work with relevant sports governing bodies and local organising committees to develop integrity strategies for the 2015 Asian Cup and Cricket World Cup
                    • provide advice and work with individual sports to ensure a robust framework is adopted across the sporting codes and there are no gaps for criminal groups to use as soft targets
                        • develop and maintain a website as a resource centre for key stakeholders to access up to date information including integrity tools, education, contacts and research
                            • compliance audits of sports to ensure policies continue to be effectively implemented
                                • support sports through Match-fixing crisis situations (i.e. advice, issues management)
                                    • introduce mechanisms for whistle-blowing in the area of manipulation of sports results to ensure disclosure of information
                                        • investigate complaints made about the integrity processes and systems of a sports controlling body, and
                                            • undertake research and provide information on latest best practice to support international, state and territory governments, regulators, sporting organisations law enforcement agencies, regulators and other agencies as appropriate to promote consistent and effective approaches to protect the integrity of sport.

                                              Integrity Tools for Sporting Organisations:

                                              To assist sporting organisations to comply with the requirements of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport, the National Integrity of Sport Unit has developed the following series of integrity tools for free download.

                                              1. Anti-match-fixing policy template for sporting organisations

                                                This integrity tool sets out model provisions, rules, and procedures as a guide for sporting organisations to develop and implement their own anti-match-fixing policy to protect the integrity of their sport (see link in additional resources).

                                              2. Code of conduct for sporting organisations

                                                This integrity tool sets out the guiding principles for all athletes, officials and other relevant persons on the issues surrounding the integrity of sport, match-fixing and sports betting (see link in additional resources)

                                              3. Integrity agreement for sporting organisations
                                                This model agreement will assist those sporting organisations on which there are sports betting markets offered to develop and enter into an agreement with betting agencies. The agreement, under development, will be designed to assist sports to have a say over bet types that pose an integrity risk to their sport.


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