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Australian Institute of Sport

Professional Networks

Leading the future direction of sports science and sports medicine services in the high performance sports system

Working across the Australian high performance system, Professional Networks lead and share approaches to sports science and sports medicine (SSSM) quality assurance and best practice though a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach.

Professional Networks will seek to deliver outcomes across four key areas:


HP System Engagement

  • Explore and define SSSM discipline leadership needs of Sport and National Institute Network (NIN) with the view to appoint Discipline specific Network Leads to connect professional networks.
  • Engage and lead SSSM professional networks to support the HP system (Sport and NIN).
  • Work with SSSM professional networks to forecast, identify and communicate research and development agendas that support the achievement of podium performances


Best Practice

  • Define and share best practice and implement approaches and projects to meet Sports needs.
  • Support a multi-disciplinary solutions-focussed approach to SSSM delivery – leveraging and communicating best practice approaches from within and outside of the sector.


Professional Development

  • Develop a professional development framework that builds the capability of SSSM practitioners and teams to deliver world-class services that meets the needs of coaches, Sport and NIN.
  • Work collaboratively with Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Performance People and Teams to support Sport and NIN SSSM practitioner professional development needs.
  • With Sport and NIN develop strategies and career pathways for the next generation of SSSM practitioners.


Quality Assurance

  • Define quality assurance programs and strategies across SSSM disciplines to support the HP sport system
  • Develop High Performance (HP) System SSSM minimum personnel requirements in alignment with AIS SSSM Best Practice Principles.
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