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Sport Australia will support, educate and resource organisations and their leaders with the aim of continually improving their governance systems and processes.

National Sports Directorship Register

A Board should comprise a diverse group of Directors who collectively provide different perspectives and experience to facilitate more considered decision-making.

As Boards are ultimately responsible for the organisation, Directors are empowered to make decisions in the best interests of the organisation and its members.

Sport Australia has established the National Sports Directorship Register (NSDR) to link candidates with opportunities for director positions on the boards of sporting organisations.

The NSDR is open to anyone interested in becoming a director of a sporting entity. Candidates are required to indicate their relevant skills and will be notified when a sporting organisation is seeking candidates with those skills to fill director vacancies.

If the candidate is interested in the position, they will be required to engage within the nominations process of that sport.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to be listed on the NSDR, candidates must:

  • be aged 18 years or over
  • be an Australian citizen or have been granted permanent residence status
  • not have been declared bankrupt.

To sign up or update your NSDR please submit your details below:

For further information please email

Individual Registration and Updating of Details on the National Sports Directorship register

In addition to Director positions, the NSDR can assist NSOs to fill particular positions within their governance structures.

Registering a Director vacancy with the National Sports Directorship Register


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