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Community Coaching

Shaping the future of community coaching

Community Coaching Conference

The Sport Australia Community Coaching Conference provided sports with the education, tools and practical skills to develop community coaches who deliver quality learning environments that attract and retain more participants.

    Conference details

    Who attended?

    Coach education leads from national sporting organisations [NSOs] and national sporting organisations for people with disability [NSODs] were invited to attend. The conference will be of most benefit to coach education leads.


    • Gained knowledge and learn practical methods to promote and embed the modern coaching approach.
    • Explored common sport challenges and how the modern coaching approach an help address them.
    • Deep dived into the seven fundamental steps outlined within the Community Coaching – Essential Skills Course.
    • Engaged in practical sessions and learn how to bring the theory to life.
    • Developed a national action plan to support organisational change.
    • Networked and collaborated as a sector to build relationships and identify opportunities.

    Session details

    Detailed information about each session is outlined below.


    More information

    Please contact the Sport Australia Coaching Team at if you have any questions about the conference.

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