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Coaches and Officials

Community Coaching

Shaping the future of community coaching

Who I coach

Understanding who you coach and what they need is critical to creating safe, positive and inclusive learning environments to meet the needs of today’s participants.

Take the quiz to learn about your coaching environment and how to provide fun and safe learning environments to deliver quality sporting experiences for your participants.


If you already know what type of participant you coach, you can  skip the quiz
Coaching learners

Learn how to create safe, fun and inclusive environments for beginners to learn how to participant in sport.
Coaching social participants

Learn how to create a positive sporting environment where your participants feel motivated to play sport for life.
Coaching competitors

Learn how to nurture competitive environments where fair play and good sportsmanship are the norm.
High performance coaches

Identifying, developing, attracting and retaining world-class coaches to enhance the experiences and success of Australian athletes.
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