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Find Your 30 Challenges

Find Your 30 is all about finding practical ways in which you can work half an hour of physical activity into your day, every day.

From simple activities that slot right into your regular routine, to family activities and discovering new sports, finding your 30 is ultimately about adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle — a lifestyle that has long-term health benefits for the whole family.

Explore our Find Your 30 Challenges, or make up your own to get started.


Nosy Neighbours

Run around the neighbourhood


Jolly Ball

Makeshift volleyball


Passing Time

Rugby pass-to-pass


Ping Pong along

Table tennis


Bullseye B'ball

Passing practice


Lunch break sweat

Go for a walk or jog


Course You Can

Athletics obstacle course


Jump to it

Skipping cardio


DIY Home Circuit

Circuit training around the house


On Your Marks

Running challenge


Cricket Aus Style

Anytime, anywhere, cricket


Hoop Hoop Hooray

Hula hoop challenge


Ab Break

Exercise during ad breaks


Hill Hoists

Hill runs


It's hip to be square

Four Square/Handball


Go walkies

Walk with your furry friend


Movie Star Jumps

Turn TV time into exercise time


Pedal Power

Ride your bike


Change your shape

The yoga & pilates challenge


Family Hoop-La

2-on-2 family basketball


Scoot Pursuit

Scooter run


Old school games

Classic schoolyard games


Make Your Mark

Aussie Rules kick-to-kick


Frisbee Business

Family frisbee fun


Run The Walk

Jog your walk


A League Of Your Own

Try to score tries


Just For Kicks

Soccer with your family


Workout at work

Exercises to do at work


Bust a move

Family dance-off


Early exe-riser

Wake up and go



Netball fun


Tree Change

Bush walking

"Every Australian needs to find 30 minutes a day to be physically active at least 5 times a week. These challenges are a great way to build physical activity into your life every day. If you haven't exercised recently or have been injured, remember to start slowly and build-up to achieving your goals. If you happen to develop symptoms you are concerned about I recommend you visit your local GP for a check-up."

Australian Institute of Sport Chief Medical Officer, DR David Hughes
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