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Governance Framework Co-Design Update

What do you need to know?

Throughout 2019 the Sport Governance and Strategy Team has immersed itself in the sector to learn directly from the people who are using the current Sport Governance Principles to deeply understand needs in order to co-create an evolution of the Principles.

Over three phases of sector-led engagement, the team sought to understand the challenges of modern sport governance across the country and in the diverse range of organisations that underpin our sector.

These phases also sought to identify opportunities for the evolution and possible solutions to modernise and support implementation, education and compliance.

Phase One - Co-design workshops

The first phase of this process consisted of co-design workshops hosted by the State and Territory Agencies for Recreation and Sport, our partners in this process.

These workshops were held in every state and territory for directors and executives of State and National Sporting Organisations along with two additional workshops held for National Sporting Organisations.

From these workshops, we were able to identify some of the key governance challenges facing the sector. Most notably, these included a lack of resources, knowledge, and time. Additionally, the workshops illustrated a desire for improved governance as well as the benefits of evolved principles.

Phase Two - Online Jams

The second phase moved from identifying issues to guiding potential solutions. We received input from different elements of the sector through 14 ‘online jams’.

These online jams asked attendees questions about what the sector would like in an evolved set of principles and what support would help to improve their entities governance.

Overall, participants wanted a set of principles that helped to improve their organisation. They also wanted guidance on how to evaluate their governance as well as access to a director education program and a suite of resources (e.g., guidelines, templates, and tools).

Phase Three - Develop the governance framework

Having identified the governance challenges in sport as well as the wants and needs of the sector, the Sport Governance and Strategy team is committed to working with the sector to develop a governance framework which links together an educative set of governance principles; a system for evaluation, assurance and continual improvement; and a suite of education programs and resources.

This new governance framework will help directors and boards of sporting organisations to understand what good governance looks like and give them the tools they need to ensure they can govern effectively.

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