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Grants and Funding

Move It AUS - Better Ageing

Outcome of Applications

There was an overwhelming response to the Better Ageing grants program with 251 applications received by Sport Australia requesting significantly more money than the amount of funding available. The standard of applications was extremely high, and as a result, the process was highly competitive, with 27 applications deemed successful.

Assessment of Applications

Applications were assessed against the following key assessment:

  • The proposed project is
    • informed by current market insights for older Australians
    • engaged with less active and inactive older Australians who are living independently
    • customised to meet the needs of older Australians
    • accessible to the differing needs of individual participants
  • The proposed project educates older Australians on the value of incorporating regular sport and/or physical activity into their everyday lives.
  • The extent to which the proposed project will improve the physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and social connectedness of older Australians.
  • The proposed project has well planned timelines, milestones and measurable outcomes. As well as a realistic budget that represents good value for money.
  • The ability of the prosed project to educate and support local community organisations to achieve sector improvement.
  • The capability of the proposed project workforce planning and capacity.
  • The proposed project risk management and mitigation consideration.
  • The capability of the organisation to manage the proposed project and grant funding.
  • Quality of the application, with sufficient information provided to demonstrate how the proposed project will meet the Better Ageing grants selection criteria.

Successful applications

Successful applications demonstrated:

  • Consistency with the objective of the Better Ageing grants program, which is:  
    • Getting inactive older Australians active
    • Enhancing older Australians’ understanding of the benefits of regular physical activity including physical and mental wellbeing, and the benefits of social connectedness; and
    • Enhancing the capability and capacity of organisations and staff responsible for delivering age-appropriate activities to older Australians.
  • A clear understanding of project objectives, costs, milestones, timeframes, risk and expected outcomes.
  • Organisational capability, capacity and/or experience to carry out the project and deliver ongoing sector improvement.
  • Inclusion of under-represented populations.
  • Good value for money e.g. a budget that included reasonable and eligible costs and program sustainability.

Thank you to all applicants for your interest the Move it AUS – Better Ageing grants program and your ongoing commitment to getting and promoting older Australians to get active.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Better Ageing team at

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