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Grants and Funding

Commonwealth Games Australia Breakthrough2022

The 2022 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXII Commonwealth Games (B2022), is scheduled to be held in Birmingham, England from 28 July to 8 August 2022.

Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) has established performance targets for these Games which align to the National High Performance Sport Strategy:

  1. To be the No. 1 nation in GOLD & OVERALL medals
  2. To be the No. 1 nation in MEDALLISTS
  3. To INCREASE the no. of Sports achieving a podium performance

To assist in achieving these performance targets, CGA has established a direct athlete support initiative titled Breakthrough2022.

Breakthrough2022 Guidelines

1. Introduction

Breakthrough2022 is designed to provide B2022 bound athletes with some financial support to enable them to focus on their daily training environment and competitions leading to B2022. This support is in addition to and not replace any support received through the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) direct athlete support (dAIS) scheme or a B2022 Member Sport (Sport) high performance program.

CGA is contributing $2 million to Breakthrough2022 over an 18-month period. It will be managed through the AIS.

Athletes may be nominated by their Sport to receive a Breakthrough2022 grant if they demonstrate potential to achieve a podium result at B2022 and meet certain other eligibility criteria as set out in these Guidelines.

Athlete names and allocations will be at the discretion of the Sport who will recommend to CGA for approval. Allocations can either top-up existing dAIS recipients or target potential 2022 medallists not currently receiving dAIS support.

CGA’s Breakthrough2022 program will operate over the three six-month rounds commencing 1 January 2021.

To align with dAIS, CGA’s Breakthrough2022 program will operate over one six (6) month round (1 January to 30 June 2021) and one twelve (12) month round (1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022). These Guidelines provide an outline of Breakthrough2022 for both Athletes and Sports. They are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.

2. Eligibility criteria

To be considered for Breakthtough2022, an athlete must:

  1. be nominated by their Sport to receive a Breakthrough2022 grant.
  2. be training to represent Australia in an event/discipline that is on the schedule for the B2022.
  3. be an Australian citizen and eligible to represent Australia at B2022.
  4. be following an individualised athlete performance plan (IAPP) which has been endorsed by their Sport.
  5. be part of a Sports high performance program.
  6. satisfy a means test (section 3).
  7. complete all online learning modules as required by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) prior to receiving payment.
  8. hold a review or confirmed status international classification (applies to para-athletes only). Para athletes who do not hold an international classification should hold a national classification and be planning to seek international classification within an acceptable timeframe to be eligible for B2022.
  9. agree to the terms and conditions of Breakthrough2022, which will include the athlete’s obligations in recognising CGA’s support under the program.

3. Means test

To ensure Breakthrough2022 is allocated to where it will achieve the greatest benefit, Breakthrough2022 is subject to means testing at the same levels advocated through the dAIS scheme.

The after-tax income threshold for receipt of the full Breakthrough2022 allocation is $70,000 AUD per annum. When an athlete’s annual after-tax income is over that income threshold, the athlete will get a reduced percentage of the proposed Breakthrough2022 allocation, according to their income band, as per the table below:

Income Band

Annual After-Tax
Income range (AUD)

Eligible % of

Band A



Band B

$70,001 - $80,000


Band C

$80,001 - $90,000


Band D

$90,001 - $100,000


Band E



Income for the purpose of this means test includes income from all sources excluding previous dAIS grants provided by the AIS, and discretionary grants issued by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) arising from philanthropic donations.

An athlete’s annual income for the purpose of this means test can be determined based on either:

  1. the athlete’s average annual after-tax income for the last four financial years ending 30 June (i.e., 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21); OR
  2. the athlete’s projected income for the current financial year ending 30 June 2022 (2021/22).

Athletes are able to select the calculation option that gives them the most favourable outcome under the means test.

4. Performance considerations and grant amounts

Athletes who satisfy the above eligibility criteria may be nominated for Breakthrough2022. Sports are requested to consider current dAIS allocations when nominating athletes and payment amounts as outlined in the table below.

The amount available for each Sport for Breakthrough2022 grants is at the discretion of CGA and may differ between funding rounds. The key performance considerations and grant amounts are set out below.

dAIS Scheme

Breakthrough2022 Program


Olympic/Paralympic B2022 Sports


dAIS funds

Max CGA allocation

Maximum total





Podium Ready


Up to 6,000


Podium Potential

4,000 – 12,000

Up to 16,000



4,000 – 12,000

Up to 16,000



4,000 – 12,000

Up to 16,000


Breakthrough2022 Emerging


4,000 – 12,000


Non-Olympic/Paralympic B2022 Sports


AIS funds

Max CGA allocation

Maximum total







Up to 8,000




Up to 13,000




Up to 16,000


Breakthrough2022 Emerging


4,000 – 12,000


(*) In some circumstances, athletes may be receiving less than the amount specified for their AIS dAIS tier (e.g., Team Sports). Sports may elect to allocate some of their Breakthrough2022 allocation to support these athletes up to the maximum total for their AIS dAIS tier across all OP levels.

CGA may consider other indicators of performance potential over and above the dAIS tiers such as a ‘Commonwealth’ medal performance at a previous world championship, results at other recent events, the gap in performance to a ‘Commonwealth’ medal performance, Commonwealth ranking and quality of daily training environment.

The establishment of a performance criteria and other considerations will remain at the discretion of each Sport provided the clear purpose is to maximise the support to athletes considered potential medallists at B2022.

5. Supporting information

  1. Evidence It is expected that Sport nominations will be based on clear performance evidence that is objective where possible and justifiable if challenged.
  2. Tenure There will be three funding rounds for determining Breakthrough2022 program grants over the term of the program. Sports are required to submit new nominations for each round. There is no guarantee that an athlete who receives Breakthrough2022 in a particular round will be offered Breakthrough2022 in a subsequent round.
  3. Amount
    The amount of Breakthough22 allocated to an athlete is at the discretion of the Sport and must be within the payment levels outlined in section 4.

6. Athlete responsibilities

An athlete may not accept an offer Breakthrough2022 until such time that they have:

  1. agreed to a Sport Athlete Code of Conduct (if applicable);
  2. provided any evidence requested by CGA or their Sport to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria; and
  3. entered into an agreement with Commonwealth Games Australia that sets out the requirements of Breakthrough2022 recipients during the term of the agreement.

Athletes must agree to an expenditure plan for their Breakthrough2022 grant with their Sport.

7. National Sporting Organisation responsibilities

Sports are required to:

  1. nominate athletes to receive Breakthrough2022 by the deadline set by CGA.
  2. only nominate athletes who satisfy both the eligibility criteria and performance considerations.
  3. provide a copy of the athlete’s individual performance plan if requested by CGA.
  4. immediately notify CGA if an athlete no longer satisfies the eligibility criteria.
  5. work with athletes to develop an expenditure plan for their Breakthrough2022 grant.

8. Important notice regarding the means test

In being nominated by a Sport, athletes are acknowledging they satisfy an income-based means test as described in section 3.

It is important that athletes are aware that it is an offence for a person to make a false or misleading statement in, or in connection with, an application for a grant. Athletes are strongly encouraged to seek financial and/or taxation advice if they are uncertain as to whether they satisfy the means test.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a class ruling for payments such as direct athlete support, which is available on the ATO website. The ruling states that grants like the Breakthrough2022 are not deemed assessable income for the purposes of sections 6-5 or 6-10 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 provided that the athlete is not carrying on a business as a Sportsperson.

Athletes should seek taxation advice if they are unsure as to whether their Breakthrough2022 grant is taxable prior to receiving the grant.

9. Indicative timetable

There are three rounds of Breakthrough2022 nominations aligning to the dAIS rounds. The approximate dates for the three rounds are:


Round 1

Round 2

Sports nominations

March / April 2021

October / November 2021

Offers to athletes

April / May 2021

November / December 2021

Grant claim due date

May / June 2021

December 2021 / January 2022

10. CGA discretion

This is intended to provide guidelines for Breakthrough2022. CGA may, among other things and at their discretion:

  1. offer Breakthrough2022 to an athlete under special consideration if an eligibility or performance requirement, or any other requirement set out in these Guidelines, cannot be met due to extenuating circumstances such as injury or illness;
  2. amend any aspect of these guidelines including (but not limited to) the grant amounts, eligibility criteria, performance considerations and timeline;
  3. not offer Breakthrough2022 to any athlete in a particular funding round; and
  4. cancel the scheme at any time.

11. Feedback

As it is the responsibility of Sports to nominate athletes to receive Breakthrough2022 athletes should direct any queries regarding the nomination process to their Sport.

Sports will be provided an opportunity to discuss the outcome of their nominations with CGA prior to grant offers being made to athletes.

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