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Mac’s Stable Ground Area Upgrade


Mac’s Stable Ground Area Upgrade


Help Enterprises, McIntyre Centre, QLD

Grant Amount


Supporting people with disability to get ‘work ready’ through equine based programs

The McIntyre centre was established over 50 years ago by the McIntyre family, to support people with disability to get involved in riding and exercise.

In the last few years Help Enterprises, an organisation that looks to improve the life of people with disability, has taken over the centre, with a goal to provide equine based programs that have a social and community benefit for participants.

The programs are aimed at supporting people with a disability to get ‘work ready’ and introduces them to skills they would learn in the workforce, such as customer service and interacting with others.

‘We have a variety of programs from groundwork to physiotherapy, using horses as a medium for treatment’ says Tony Jensen, Manager of the McIntyre centre.

Programs and tasks can include cleaning and grooming the horses, financial skills around purchasing feed and equipment and groundwork including leading and trotting.

‘It’s not about just about riding the horses, it's about developing social skills and duties that prepare our participants for life’.

The Federal Government funding has had a huge impact on the centre.

‘We are now able to offer more programs and conversely more opportunities for people in our community to participate.’

‘The funding has allowed us to develop a new ground-work arena, which includes a shade sail, fencing and specialised rubber tiles. This is important for the horses and gives them a stable base, while also providing more inclusive and accessible options for participants, especially those using wheelchairs, to engage in the programs.’

‘The connections that horses can make with our participants is just incredible. We are seeing huge benefits for the participants including social connections and increased confidence, which is amazing as a lot of our participants don’t spend a lot of time interacting with other people.’

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