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Community Sport Infrastructure

In the 2018 Budget, the Australian Government announced it would invest $28.3 million in 2018-19 to improve local community sport infrastructure. This investment would support minor capital projects of small to medium scale, through the provision of grants valued up to $500,000.

The objective of this grant program was to support local communities to participate, recreate, learn and develop together. The program had two guiding themes: Community Sporting Hubs and Inclusion. Both were focussed on encouraging greater levels of participation in community sport and physical activity.

The 2018-19 grant program opened on 2 August 2018 and applications closed 14 September 2018.

224 successful (round 1) applicants were announced and notified in December 2018.

In response to program demand, the Australian Government also announced an additional $32.3 million to the grant program in December 2018. This additional investment created a second round for existing eligible applicants only.

232 successful round 2 applicants were announced and notified in March 2019.

Please the full list of 456 round 1 and 2 successful applicants.

Further information about the 2018-19 Move It AUS – Community Sport Infrastructure grant program is available via the program guidelines.

If your application is successful, next steps to receive this grant require your organisation to provide Sport Australia with any updated and additional information and co-sign a funding agreement.

Execution of a Funding Agreement will represent the point in time from which grant funds will be paid and your project can commence. Brief details are below.

1. Additional Information & Bank Account Forms

Following notification, you will receive an email from Sport Australia with a link to online Additional Information and Bank Account forms. This email will be sent to the email address used to create and submit the application.

The Additional Information Form provides an opportunity for you to check and, if necessary, amend previously provided information. It also ensures that Sport Australia has up to date information to create a Funding Agreement specific to your organisation and project.

The Bank Account Form requires you to provide bank account details for grant payment. The bank account must be in the name of the successful applicant organisation, and a copy of a bank statement clearly displaying the account details must also be provided to verify the account.

Instructions and a link to the forms will be provided in the email.

2. Funding Agreement

Once you have completed the Additional Information Form a Funding Agreement will be sent to you via email. This Funding Agreement is the legal contract between your organisation and Sport Australia and sets out the terms and conditions of receiving and using grant funds. Once received, you need to return a signed copy of the Funding Agreement to Sport Australia for co-signature. Instructions, including how to return the signed agreement, will be provided with the Funding Agreement

Please note that review of submitted additional information and bank details, and the creation and distribution of Funding Agreements will take some time. Sport Australia will transition all successful applicants through this process as efficiently as possible and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Execution of a Funding Agreement will represent the point in time from which grant funds will be paid and your project can commence.

Sport Australia will issue payment based on execution of the Funding Agreement, progress against agreed project milestones, and acceptance of satisfactory project progress reports.

Sport Australia will transfer grant funds electronically into your nominated Australian bank account within 30 days of Funding Agreement execution.

Specific requirements for the bank account, timing and number/amount of payments, are set out in the funding agreement which, based on information provided, is specific to your organisation and project.

Projects must commence in the in the 2018/2019 financial year, however not before a funding agreement with Sport Australia is executed.

A project’s duration and completion date will depend on its scale and complexity. Where reasonable, it is expected that small and simple projects will be completed in the 2018/2019 financial year. Larger and more complex projects may extend beyond the 2018/2019 financial year.

Successful applicants will have an opportunity to submit updated project start and finish dates prior to development of a funding agreement.

Successful applicants are required to submit the following reports.

Reporting will be administered via SmartyGrants and Sport Australia will send an email with a link to the report template, and facility to upload supporting documents, to the email address used to create and submit the application.

Progress Reports
The number and timing of progress reports are set out in the Funding Agreement. A report template will be provided by Sport Australia.

Ad Hoc Reports
As set out in the Funding Agreement Sport Australia may request ad hoc reports. A report template will be provided by Sport Australia.

End of Project Report
The timing of the end of project report is set out in the Funding Agreement. A report template will be provided by Sport Australia.

Financial and Audit Report
The timing and type of financial and audit report is set out in the Funding Agreement.

Generally, for grants less than $250,000 the financial and audit report will comprise of an acquittal. For grants equal to or greater than $250,000, or if Sport Australia considers your project to be high risk, you will need to provide an independently audited financial and audit report.

To support financial and audit reporting you must keep financial accounts and other records that:

  1. detail and document the conduct and management of the agreed project activity;
  2. identify the receipt and expenditure of the Grant and any Other Contributions separately within your accounts and records so that at all times the Grant is identifiable;
  3. enable all receipts and payments related to the agreed project activity to be identified and reported.

Project Evaluation Report
The timing of the evaluation report is set out in the Funding Agreement. A report template will be provided by Sport Australia.

Due to the high number of applications Sport Australia is not able to provide any additional individual feedback on your application.

Sport Australia strongly encourages you to stay up to date on any potential future grant rounds via Sport Australia’s website, FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin.

You may also wish to explore other funding opportunities - a list of third party funding opportunities is available via the Sport Australia Grants and Funding page.

Should any future grant round be announced, application requirements, including Program Guidelines, will be available via Sport Australia’s website.

Sport Australia is committed to providing a quality service. You are able to provide feedback on its services, programs and products, including this grant program, via the Sport Australia website.

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish or need to receive funding via this program you can withdraw your application.

To withdraw your application please send an email including your organisation name and application number to as soon as possible.

If your organisation receives a grant from Sport Australia, you must be aware that this may affect your turnover amount and whether or not your organisation must register for GST.

Please read the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Fact Sheet.

Please note that advice outline within the Fact Sheet is general in nature and may not apply to your organisation’s circumstances. Please contact the Australian Tax Office or your accountant for any specific advice.

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