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Play for Purpose - The Sports and Charity Raffle

Funds raised through Play for Purpose must be used for charitable sporting projects. There are many types of sports projects that can be charitable, for example, if they advance the physical or mental health of the community, improve community facilities or assist disadvantaged or marginalised groups. See full list of examples.

If you are unsure of what you can use these monies for, please contact the Australian Sports Foundation on 02 5112 0990 or at and they’ll be happy to provide guidance.

As part of the initial application process, the representative of your Club will be asked to nominate a category that your fundraiser will fall into.  Providing a guide to the type of fundraiser you’d like to conduct and what types of projects/activities your Club/Organisation will need to fundraise for will initially be helpful, however Club/Sporting organisations can change their project or initiative at any time, provided it is still within the charitable guidelines.

Play For Purpose provides access to a sales and promotional platform, with ability to sell tickets via three online channels. Clubs can also access a broad range of resources to promote and track their fundraising campaign.

The raffle allows for:

  • Fundraising for charitable sporting projects
  • Free to participate with zero financial risk to NSOs or Clubs
  • Reduced time and cost of operating a traditional raffle
  • Access to a larger and more exciting prize offering
  • Leverage world-class technology and powerful backend computer systems
  • Fundraising all year round via regular raffles
  • Build, collect and maintain supporter data, building a new and sustainable source of revenue for NSOs and Clubs.
  • Benefit from a high % return with a minimum of 50% from every ticket supporting charitable sporting projects.

Money can be accrued over multiple Play For Purpose Raffles if your Sports Club/Organisation is raising money for a larger scale project.  There are no set time limits on when the funds your Club/Organisation raise need to be spent.

Play for Purpose is a not for profit online raffle. Once an NSO or Club signs up, they are given their very own microsite to sell raffle tickets and promote their charitable sporting project.

Supporters can buy $10 tickets. A minimum of $5 from every ticket sold will support sporting projects at their chosen NSO or club.

There are hundreds of prizes to be won - including a top prize of $250,000 in cashable gold bullion!

Go to the registration page on the Play For Purpose website.

Play For Purpose represents a new funding stream within the Australian Government’s Sport 2030 Plan and the Sport Investment Framework.

Funds raised for sporting clubs must be used for charitable purposes and will be distributed via the Australian Sports Foundations Charitable Fund (ASFCF) which will assist clubs with offsetting expenditure.

Play For Purpose is a collaboration between three key parties and endorsed by Sport Australia, aiming to raise money for charitable grassroots sporting projects.

50-50 Foundation – an ACNC charity established in 2012 who has operated over 300 charity raffles across Australia. The 50-50 Foundation is the licenced operator of Play For Purpose.

Tabcorp – an ASX50 listed company and licenced operator of lotteries in Australia (excluding Western Australia). Tabcorp will provide the resources and expertise to run Play For Purpose including the technology platform, marketing and guarantee of prizes.

Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) – the only organisation in Australia to have Deductible Gift Recipient status for sports. The ASF will grant the funds raised by raffles to clubs to be used for charitable sport projects linked to those clubs. The only way a club can participate in Play For Purpose is by agreeing to both the terms of the raffle and to the grant conditions which require the funds to be used for the charitable sporting projects.

Sport Australia – is the operating brand name of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). Sport Australia has endorsed Play For Purpose raffle as a fundraising opportunity for Australian sporting organisations.

Unfortunately due to the different charitable gambling laws in Western Australia, Play For Purpose doesn’t have a licence to operate in this jurisdiction – largely because the Play For Purpose Raffle isn’t operated out of WA.  It’s definitely something the Play For Purpose team are working with the local regulators, however for the moment we’re unable to partner with WA based charities or sporting clubs nor can we sell tickets to residents of WA.

There are three main channels. The ‘Main’ generic website; the ‘Club’ microsite and the ‘Champion Fundraiser’ microsite.

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