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Grants and Funding

Women Leaders in Sport

Providing women with development opportunities to reach their leadership potential in the sport industry

How to apply

Before applying, please read these guidelines to make sure you understand all relevant requirements.

  1. Check Eligibility

    Individuals or organisations will need to ensure they have met all eligibility criteria.

  2. Gain Supporting Organisation Endorsement

    Receive endorsement from the CEO or delegate of the supporting organisation for uploading. This must include:

    • the endorser’s name and job title
    • the endorser’s organisation (e.g. NSO)
    • identifies the individual as being the applicant for the grant
    • expresses support for the specific course/project/activity being proposed

    Note: Special consideration – termination letter due to COVID-19.

  3. Identify Course and/or Project
    Gather course and/or project specifics including:
    1. Course
      1. fees
      2. course provider
      3. website link
      4. funding amount requested
    2. Project
      1. description and objectives
      2. number of participants
      3. key deliverables and milestones
      4. budget
      5. risk management
      6. nominated training providers involved.
  4. Submit Application
    Applications for WLIS Leadership Workshops or Development Grants (individual or organisations are to be completed online on the Sport Australia website.

Individuals will also need to read and understand these guidelines, including the Terms and Conditions.

Only one application will be accepted per applicant per Grant Category. Any subsequent application submitted will be ineligible for assessment.

To complete the application form, applicants need to have the following information:

Category 1: Leadership Workshops
  • the applicant’s personal details
  • endorsement from the supporting sport organisation for uploading
  • the impact/benefit from attending the Workshop to the applicant’s leadership pathway.
Category 2: Individual Development Grants
  • the applicant’s personal details
  • endorsement from the supporting sport organisation for uploading
  • the course/training objectives, the course/training fee and the link to the course/training website
  • the impact/benefit of the proposed course/training to the applicant’s leadership pathway.
Category 3: Organisation Development Grants
  • the organisation’s primary contact details and CEO contact details
  • a brief proposed project plan including the objectives, content/program, target participants, timeline, budget, identified risk, expected outcomes
  • the impact/benefit of the proposed project to the participants, the supporting organisation and/or sport
  • plans of follow-up development activities for the participants.

If an applicant has all the information required, the online application process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If an application cannot be completed in one session, the applicant can save the application and return to complete at another time using the unique security code provided by the online system.

Applicants will receive an automated email receipt if the application is submitted successfully, which will include a copy of the submitted application. It is recommended that applicants keep a record of the email, as applicants no longer have access to the applications once they are submitted.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the information within the application is complete and accurate. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995 and may result in your application being excluded from further consideration.

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