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Child safe sport process

The process of developing your sporting organisations child safe sport framework will be unique.  Together with the toolkit, the process guides sporting organisations to develop a child safe sport framework to help prevent abuse and improve safety.

The process outlines the six steps to follow to develop your sport’s policies and procedures as part of the child safe sport framework.  Like all policies and procedures they need to be regularly reviewed and supported with training and resources to meet the changing expectations associated with protecting children.

The time it takes in order to complete the steps will vary for each organisation and we encourage sports to make this work a priority as soon as practical.

A key contact needs to be nominated who sits within an implementation team having representation from senior management.  Child safety is a team sport and this key contact needs to be supported by a team within your sport to develop and implement child safe practices.

Developing policy and procedure is a big task, and the Toolkit can help. It provides a road map for your sport in terms of the paperwork and policy development.  The bulk of the work will be in the implementation of your child safe policies and procedures.

Step 1: Assess your current policies - Assess your starting point and collect any documentation that relates to child safe practices that your sport has already developed

Step 2: Update and expand - Using your existing policies and procedures to review what you have versus what’s in the toolkit. Update or add to your existing policies and procedures to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

Step 3: Endorsement - Have the suite of child safe policies endorsed by the most senior person or group of people in the organisation.

Step 4: Communicate - Communicate the final framework to your staff and volunteers and any other person involved with your organisation who you have identified as a key stakeholder. This also includes any of the following as relevant to your sport: clubs, state sporting organisations and member associations.

Step 5: Implement - Implement the policies and procedures to keep children and young people in your sport safe.

Step 6: Review - Review your framework annually (at least) and as your sport changes and grows. Remember to run refresher training for staff and volunteers to ensure they are up to date with the framework.

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