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7 Pillars of Inclusion

Developed by Play by the Rules and Sport Australia, the 7 Pillars of Inclusion model is designed to advance diversity and inclusion in sport.

The 7 Pillars model is about providing a ‘helicopter’ view of inclusion that looks at the common elements that contribute to creating inclusive environments that reflect the communities that we live in. The Pillars are:

  • Choice
  • Partnerships
  • Communications
  • Policies
  • Opportunities
  • Access
  • Attitude.

The pillars provide a common language and framework to help people understand what inclusion means. The model also assists sporting organisations to identify their strengths and weaknesses around inclusion and helps them along the path to creating a strong, inclusive culture for the sport.

The pillars can be used as the basis for knowledge and actions across all levels of your sport, for all disadvantaged and diverse groups, reducing the need for different programs and policies for each. They are focused around simple actions that lead to cultural change over time.

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