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Survey your members

Develop your own simple online survey to identify where you’re strong and which areas may need some work, so you can go away and plan your inclusion path forward with our other resources. This will give you and your members a free, overall snapshot of your inclusion performance and highlight your strengths and weaknesses across the 7 Pillars.

How to use the results

Share the results with your club and point out that this is the starting point on the path to developing a more inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone.

Use the results from the survey to inform your Inclusive Sport Framework and develop an action plan. As you progress, don’t forget to share your club/sport’s success stories or your experiences along the way. Remember to re-survey after you have implemented new strategies or activities, to compare and assess how you are progressing.

Swimming Australia and Netball Australia have both developed bespoke online survey tools that their clubs and associations can use to assess their individual status on each Pillar. Their online surveys use a questionnaire for each pillar and rate responses as people progress through the 7 Pillars.

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