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Sport Australia launched to get nation moving

01 August 2018

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) will be known as Sport Australia from today, with a renewed vision to build the world’s most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world leading sports industry.

Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie unveiled Sport Australia today as part of the Australian Government’s national sport plan – Sport 2030.

Sport Australia, working alongside high performance leader the AIS, will provide a coordinated approach to sport from grassroots participation to international competition. Sport Australia’s expanded vision will also include an enhanced role to increase physical activity more broadly.

Sport Australia Chair John Wylie welcomed the release of Sport 2030, stating it “provides a roadmap for future success for sport in this country”.

“Sport Australia will lead the implementation of Sport 2030, to create an even better and more successful national sports sector,” Wylie said. “If we get it right we know that in 2030 sport will continue to be a key point of national pride, our Olympic and Paralympic teams and national sporting teams will continue to achieve podium success and our athletes and their journeys will be a source of inspiration for the next generations.

“Our goal is for Australia to be a healthy and successful sporting nation, known for our integrity, vibrant participation base, thriving sports organisations and world-leading sports industry, as well as our elite competitive results.

“There is no doubting the opportunity for Australia. This plan and its implementation will give us a strong basis for long term success.”

Sport 2030 has set a target to reduce physical inactivity in Australia by 15 per cent by 2030. Sport Australia CEO, Kate Palmer, said the organisation’s goal was to get the nation moving.

“We want to move bodies, move lives, and build a healthier, happier Australia through sport and physical activity,” Palmer said. “Sport Australia isn’t just a brand change, this is our chance for generational transformation. If we don’t intervene then, on current trends, sport participation is set to drop by 15 per cent in the next 18 years.

“One in two Australian adults, and eight in 10 children, are not sufficiently active. One study predicts Australia could face $88 billion of extra health and social costs over the next 10 years if people don’t get moving. Australia’s growing inactivity and obesity problems aren’t new, but we need new approaches to these issues.

“We need to inspire and empower Australians to get active, to help them move through life from childhood to older age. That means connecting with and activating every person of any age, race, gender, cultural background and physical ability.

“We want to ensure every individual has the ability to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle or aspire to the pinnacle of their sport. Australia’s future sporting success will be measured by more than numbers on a scoreboard, it will be reflected in our nation’s health, education, social and economic outcomes.”

Palmer said Sport Australia would release more details of its strategy in coming weeks and months, aligned with Sport 2030. This will include the AIS outlining its strategy to lead Australia’s high performance system.

Sport Australia’s strategy will involve three key themes:

  • More Australians moving more often
  • Building the capability of sport to create a robust, connected industry
  • National pride and inspiration through international sporting success

Palmer said: “The impact of Sport Australia’s programs on Australian lives will be far reaching. We will target improvements in early childhood development through to activity for older Australians. Our work will range from community infrastructure to ensuring elite athletes are better connected with their communities.

“The evolving safety and inclusiveness of sporting environments will be paramount, as will the progress of sport governance, technology and commercial sustainability.

Sport Australia vision
Sport Australia vision: for Australia to be the world’s most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world leading sports industry.
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