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ASC designing child safeguarding framework for sport

08 September 2017

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has announced plans to develop a national child safe sport framework, including advisory toolkits for national sporting organisations, to enhance consistency to child protection measures in sport.

ASC CEO Kate Palmer announced the plans during National Child Protection Week and said the framework would evolve from the National Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategy, through the collaborative efforts of a number of State Departments of Sport and Recreation (SDSRs), the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) and the ASC.

“The National Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategy has already looked at the broad spectrum of child safety policies and procedures across a number of sports, which gives us a good benchmark of information,” Palmer said.

“I congratulate the 43 national sporting organisations who voluntarily took part in this assessment process over the 12 months because it demonstrates a collaborative approach to the extremely important issue of child safety in sport.

“The transparent and frank way in which sports have worked with the ASC and ACF gives us clarity and confidence that sports have the right policies and procedures in place to protect child safety.

”The ASC with its partners are committed to this being an ongoing process so that the policies and procedures on child safety in sport remain relevant and robust at all times.”

The National Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategy will see the development of a child safe sport framework for sports which will:

  • build a commitment to child safety;
  • increase the education and awareness of issues pertaining to child abuse; and
  • engage parents and children in the continuous development of policies and procedures.

The ASC is developing a child safe sport toolkit to assist sports in the development of child safe sport frameworks.

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