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Australian Sports Commission proud of sector partnerships

13 February 2017

The ASC is proud of its positive and constructive relationships across the Australian sporting sector, including more than 60 national sporting organisations; representative organisations in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports; state departments; sports institutes; and dozens of other stakeholder organisations. These relationships are the product of a united ASC Board and management team.

In this spirit, at the end of last year the ASC attempted to recast the senior levels of the ASC and AOC relationship, which was publicly rejected by the AOC President. The ASC would welcome a more constructive working relationship between the two organisations.

The ASC will continue to invest in and support high performance sport programs and our elite athletes to the fullest extent possible. We are passionate about the success of Australian sport and it is our responsibility to the country. We are also passionate about increasing community participation in sport and physical activity, and the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

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