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Heroes shows there’s magic in all of us

03 November 2016

“Got past the keeper, took the shot and scored a goal.”

“It goes in the hoop like magic.”

“She has lots of powers - long distance shooting…”

“She never gives up so that inspires me to do the same thing.”

The above memorable sporting moments shared by kids in the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) Play.Sport.Australia. video, released.

And if you think the likes of Tim Cahill or Caitlin Bassett are their heroes … think again.

Heroes focuses on the importance of some of the most important people playing sport, for their own benefit, and in the process, being a positive influence on children.

Our kids are watching and learning from us more than we think.

Their heroes are parents.

ASC General Manager of Participation and Sustainable Sport, Michael Thomson, said that parents are among the greatest role models for their children when it comes to supporting their sporting efforts on and off the field.

“Parental behaviour and attitude towards organised sport play a big role in making your child’s sporting experience a positive one,” Mr Thomson said. “It’s important to show good sportsmanship, respect for coaches and officials, and to be encouraging and supportive.”

But being a good role model goes beyond how parents behave watching their children play sport from the sidelines.

“The key thing is to get involved and have fun. The research shows that if you play sport, then it’s more likely that your child will play too,” Mr Thomson said.

The ASC’s participation strategy Play.Sport.Australia. aims to have more Australians playing sport more often. To find a sport that reignites your sporting passion visit Play.Sport.Australia. or go to the Facebook page.

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