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Key leaders unite for Women in Sport Advisory Group

31 May 2019

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer has joined an inaugural advisory group looking at game changing strategies to advance women in sport throughout Australia.

The Australian Women in Sport Advisory Group launches today, host chaired by philanthropist, AFL women’s football pioneer and Women in Sport advocate, Dr Susan Alberti AC.

The Advisory Group, made up of diverse members and organisations to promote cross-sector insights, includes some of Australia’s most successful sport and business leaders.

It will discuss the current state of women in sport and identify where women in sport should be positioned by 2030, the associated priorities, and the opportunities for organisations regardless of sector to work together to create a greater impact.

The outcomes from this Advisory Group are expected to create game changing strategies that will increase the pace to advance women in sport throughout Australia.

These outcomes will guide funding bodies and related government and private sectors on the priorities required, and create a streamlined focus on strengthening the positioning of women in sport over the next decade.

The Women in Sport Advisory group members include:

  • Kate Palmer - CEO Sport Australia
  • Professor Clare Hanlon - Susan Alberti Women in Sport Chair, Victoria University
  • Mark Anderson - CEO, Collingwood Football Club (past CEO Swimming Australia and Hockey Australia)
  • Julie Bissinella - Program Director, Male Champions of Change  Ltd
  • Peter Nash – Director Westpac, Mirvac and the John Lyng Group
  • Luke Sayers AM - CEO, PwC Australia

Professor Clare Hanlon (Chair, Advisory Group) says: “This is an exciting time for women in sport. There is an increased understanding in the industry about why it is good for business to have more women and girls involved in sport, and the momentum is growing.

“To support this growth, we need to ensure innovative and strategic approaches are adopted. The outcomes created by this group of key influencers will help expand the reach of resources, embed strategies, and create systematic approaches to advance organisations and the opportunities they provide for women as leaders and participants in sport.

Kate Palmer, CEO of Sport Australia says: “The quest for gender equality in sport has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. Women remain under-represented in sport, particularly areas like coaching and executive roles. Diversity is critical in any industry and it is important that we continue work to make sport the benchmark for a more equitable society.”

Learn more about the Women in Sport Advisory Group and its members on the VU Women in Sport website.

Women in Sport Advisory Group
The inaugural advisory group will look at game changing strategies to advance women in sport throughout Australia.
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