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Sport Trainer practices

Sports Trainers play a pivotal role in the health and safety of participants in all levels of sport, particularly at a community level.

In community sport settings, an Accredited Sports Trainer may be the highest trained individual available to attend to onsite athlete health and wellbeing and as such, may also be suitable to play the role of a COVID-19 safety coordinator. Suitable engagement of Accredited Sports Trainers will be essential in the safe return to sport in our current environment.

4 step process

To successfully perform the role of Sports Trainer in a COVIDSAFE Australia, it is recommended that all Australian Sports Trainers follow a simple 4-step process. This is to ensure the safety of all athletes, support staff and community members.

  • Education and training
  • Personal infection control
  • Protocols to support infection control
  • Resources
  • Facilites
  • Equipment
  • Hygiene practices
  • Hydration safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Record keeping for attendance
  • Protocols for training
  • Management of unwell participants
  • Personal distancing
  • Massage practices
  • Approach to the injured player
  • Injury, blood, and wound management
  • Head/facial injury management
  • Emergency management
  • Cleaning practices
  • Reporting
  • Review

Sports Trainer practice guide

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