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Belgravia Baseball/B5 Club has recently been formed to grow Baseball 5 (B5).  Our goal is to work with Baseball Australia and the Perth Heat to grow participation in B5 and provide a pathway to the sport of baseball.  We are located at Loftus Recreation Centre in Leederville WA so are well positioned to facilitate the growth of B5 in the Stirling area.

Baseball WA is pleased to offer tee-ball as our Club Connect offering. Tee-ball is a sport for young boys and girls and is fully inclusive where every child gets to bat, field and run the bases.  Our program will focus on every student having fun and being taught the basic fundamentals to enable them to enjoy the sport and develop confidence, especially in those who have not played diamond sport previously.  Ideally, tee-ball is suited to the younger primary student however we would be happy to run the program for children of any age.

Baseball NSW is excited to offer Baseball5 as a club connect offering. Baseball5 is a five on five, five innings modified version of Baseball and Softball that can be played anywhere. The game originated in Cuba over 50 years ago and is a big part of Cuba’s social/cultural identity. The game, Baseball5, is also popular in South America, Asia & Europe.  Unlike traditional baseball/softball, no bats and gloves are required to participate. The game was designed to be played in small spaces (20m x20m) such as playgrounds, grass, synthetic, indoor centres, and/or any other hard surfaces. The only equipment you need to play the game is a rubber ball.

Belgravia Baseball/B5 Club

Each participating school will receive 4 x 1 hour sessions of Baseball 5.  Three sessions will be delivered in school and one session will be delivered at Loftus Recreation Centre (transport costs for students are included in the program fee).  Each session will include skills practice and a game.

Each participating school will also receive a Perth Heat player appearance.  This player will assist with the delivery of one of the hour sessions.

Delivery to 16 students over 4 x 1 hour sessions = $3,920

Baseball WA

Baseball WA will be offering four x one hour sessions (one per week) after school hours in the second half of Term 3. Two sessions will be held on school grounds and the other two at the home field of the local club.

Delivery to 10 – 20 students will cost $2,800

Delivery to 20 – 40 students will cost $3,800

This pricing includes a welcome pack for each student, qualified coaches, usage where needed of club equipment and bus transport to and from school to the local club (two sessions).

Baseball NSW

The Baseball5 program will cover several aspects of this fast paced and dynamic game. Participants will be working on essential drills to develop the skills needed for social and/or competitive games. The game is designed to be energetic & keep all participants active.

Part 1

  • Agility ladder drills,
  • Speed reaction drills.
  • Hand/eye coordination drills.

Part 2

  • Fielding skills drills.
  • Batting technique.
  • Power and target hitting.

Part 3

  • Game rules, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 game drills.
  • Baseball5 5 innings game.

Part 4 

  • Come/Try/Play with mum and dad.
  • Mum and Dad coaching pathways.

Estimated time for the session: 1 hour

Number of sessions: up to 4-8 sessions (school has the option to choose)

Program delivery: School sport’s ground preferable (playground/playing field/indoor hall)

Number of participants/Coaches:

10 – 20 participants: 1 coach

20 – 40 participants: 2 coaches

40 – 60 participants: 3 coaches

Please note that extra charges may apply for the use of additional coaches.

Field Requirements: Minimum space 20 by 20 metres, please note that for 20 plus participants, we will require a minimum of 40 by 40 metres.

Program Cost - $3,500

Optional extras

Baseball WA 

Perth Heat playing squad can be engaged to make appearance at the sessions for your school – the squad consists of local professionals including Olympians and overseas import. The time of year will determine who within the squad is available.

The cost of these appearance would be negotiated by Baseball WA on the school’s behalf with the Perth Heat.

Baseball NSW 

  • Baseball5 NSW registration discounts – 10%
  • Baseball5 club registration/accreditation – 10 %
  • Blue Sox membership discounts – Once they become available at the beginning of season.
  • Baseball5 competitions and event’s invitation/discounts – 10%
  • Baseball5 high performance/representative pathways – Provided by Baseball NSW upon request
  • Baseball5 coaching accreditations – 10%

Belgravia Baseball /B5 Club

Each school will receive a Baseball 5 starter kit which includes:

3 dozen B5 Balls, 3 sets of throw down bases and 25 marker cones.

Baseball WA

Whilst the local club can supply suitable equipment in most cases, schools wishing the purchase their own equipment should consider tees, bases, fielding gloves and bats. Our local supplier is Fielders Choice -

Baseball NSW

Equipment supplied by Baseball NSW to teach the program; this equipment will be kept by Baseball NSW.


  • Canterbury-Bankstown
  • Central Coast
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Wollongong
  • Penrith
  • Stirling*
  • Joondalup
  • Gosnells

*Belgravia Baseball /B5 Club and Baseball WA


1. Belgravia Baseball /B5 Club

Contact: Rohan Gunton


Phone:  0466324236

2. Baseball WA 

Contact: David Hayes

Phone: 0418 951 891

3. Baseball NSW 

Contact: Adrian Medina


Phone: 0406 110 544

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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