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One Management

Modern, effective and efficient governance

Sport Australia has worked with sports for a number of years to promote modern, effective and efficient governance. One Management is the next evolution in this process.

The Australian Government’s national sport plan, Sport 2030, makes it clear that strengthening Australia’s sport industry is a priority. We all want a strong, viable, contemporary and inclusive sports industry with high quality successful organisations driving economic and social benefits.

One Management is an important step towards reaching this target.

One Management is the establishment of a single operating model for a sport, which brings together a sport’s strategy, financial systems and workforce while leaving existing ownership models in place. Critically, the One Management operating model embraces the Federated structure, and seeks to harness opportunities for operational improvements within that system without requiring structural or constitutional change by any entities.

One Management is underpinned by best practice business principles and will support sports to prosper in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The major benefits to a sport of implementing a One Management operating model


Clear alignment of strategy and direction for all components of the sport.


Reduction of time and effort to administer duplicated systems, building financial sustainability and allowing more time to be spent on the sport, members and participants.


Operational savings are redirected to strategic priorities such as participant services, infrastructure and government advocacy.

Improved Customer Experience

Consistent experience nationally for members and participants, supported by increased investment from operational savings.

Increased Value

Diversify revenue streams through a connected membership base and larger community reach, resulting in increased attractiveness to commercial partners.

Case Studies

Golf Australia

United Paddling Management Project

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