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Sport Governance and Organisational Enhancement

Increasing industry capability

The Australian Government’s national sport plan, Sport 2030, makes it clear that strengthening Australia’s sport industry is a priority. We all want a strong, viable, contemporary and inclusive sports industry with high quality successful organisations driving economic and social benefits.

A key enabler of this priority is to increase industry capability, supporting sports to develop fit-for-purpose strategies, structures and operations in order to reach their potential and thrive in the modern environment.

Our Sport Governance and Organisation Enhancement (SGOE) team provide National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) with tools, resources, education and general governance advice, in line with the co-designed evolved Sport Governance Principles*, released in August 2020.

All NSOs undertake an annual self-assessment via the Sport Governance Standards (SGS), which are directly aligned with the Principles.  These SGS have been developed as the measures by which both Sport Australia and National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) can evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their governance systems and processes.

From a sector-wide perspective, the SGOE team use the SGS to develop industry benchmarks which highlight key areas for improvement, and where resources and support is most required.

From an individual sport perspective, the SGS can be used to evaluate governance maturity and to help develop Organisation Enhancement Plans in consultation with and supported by Sport Australia.

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*The evolved Sport Governance Principles were co-designed with the State and Territory agencies for sport and recreation, National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) – go to Sport Governance for more information.

Case Studies

Golf Australia

United Paddling Management Project

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