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Sport Australia and AIS

Aiming for a fitter, healthier and more active Australia

Sport Australia is determined to have more Australians participating and excelling in sport, from grass-roots right up to the pinnacle of elite competition. Its vision is to make ours the most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world-leading sports industry.

Working on the field and behind the scenes, Sport Australia is the Federal Government’s lead agency for supporting high performance athletes, sporting clubs and community participation in physical activity – at all ages and all levels.

It aims to play a central leadership role in the Australian sports system by funding athletes, sporting organisations, innovative sport programs and research while providing leadership, coordination and support for the sport sector. We’re helping our elite athletes be the best in the world, helping teach school kids to be active, and everything in between.

Sport Australia is determined to build on our nation’s proud sporting story, ready to develop the stars of tomorrow, and get every Australian moving towards a healthier future.

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