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Corporate structure

Australian Institute of Sport

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) leads and enables a united high performance system that supports Australian athletes and teams to achieve podium success. The AIS drives and enables success in part through a collaborative strategic high performance investment approach to sports and athletes.

The AIS has two primary roles in the Australian high performance system:

  1. To lead and enable a united, collaborative high performance system
  2. To do the big system-level things on the frontiers of ethical sporting performance that no other body is naturally positioned to do

Organisation/Division structure

Australian Institute of Sport
Sport Strategy and Investment
Sport Strategy
Sport Investment, Insights and Analytics
Athlete Talent and Development
Performance Networks and Partnerships
Performance Consultancy
Professional Networks
Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement
Mental Health
Conduct and Professionalism
Career and Education
Community Engagement
Performance People and Teams
Sport People
Sport Talent and Analytics
Learning Innovation
Applied Technology and Innovation
Sports Engineering
Gold Medal Ready Program
Athlete Availability
Video and Machine Learning
Athlete Management System
AIS Operations
Performance Operations
Performance Services
Sports Medicine
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