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AIS Operations

Director: Robert Medlicott

Provides the organisational platform for the AIS to deliver its strategy including targeted world-class programs at the Canberra and ETC sites that provide unique, impactful services to the high performance system. This includes National Sporting Organisations camps, pre-elite programs, Centres of Excellence, altitude/environment programs and complex rehabilitation.

Programs within AIS Operations

Sports Medicine

Chief Medical Officer - Dr David Hughes

Combines sport medicine and physiotherapy expertise to provide a team approach to athlete servicing, delivering quality and timely medical and physiotherapy services to high performance athletes and coaches through both AIS Campus-based Centres of Excellence and agreed high performance camps-based activity. The Centre provides system leadership on aspects of evidence-based best practice, integrity and athlete safety and welfare. The Centre supports the high performance sports system through provision of evidence-based contemporary policies and position statements to ensure best practice.

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Key initiatives

Performance Services

Manager: Julian Jones

Provides specialised multi-disciplinary team of sport scientists and practitioners to deliver performance services to support Canberra campus based high performance activities including NSO elite, pre-elite and development, complex rehabilitation and altitude house camps. Oversees the management and quality assurance of AIS Canberra campus based high performance sports science and sports medicine equipment and the AIS High Performance Centre facility dedicated to supporting the provision of sport science and sports medicine services to Australia’s national sporting network.

Performance Operations

Manager: Dion Russell

Manages the delivery of AIS high performance site operations to support NSO Centres of Excellence, NSO high performance camp servicing, pre-elite camps and other high performance related site activities. Oversees and supports the management of the European Training Centre based in Italy.  Supports Sport Australia organisational planning, reporting and governance requirements and discrete projects as well as budget management, international relations and the AIS support for the onsite residential athlete accommodation.

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Key Initiatives

European Training Centre

Lead: Warwick Forbes

A 'home away from home' for Australian Sport. The AIS European Training Centre (ETC) in Italy is a facility primarily for Australian athletes and replicates the training environment of the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra providing athletes with a European ‘home away from home’. The Centre is also open to invited national and international sporting teams or individuals from Europe and other parts of the world.

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Key Initiatives

Business Operations

Manager - Lucy Fitzpatrick

The AIS Business Operations team supports the AIS CEO, managing the AIS business functions, and works collaboratively with the Director of each AIS branch to optimise the overall effectiveness of the AIS. It improves the strategic business and reporting approach for the AIS to make more informed decisions as well as improves the maturity and timeliness of financial analysis and reporting for the AIS. It also identifies and promotes opportunities for connection and integration within the AIS teams and across the ASC.

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

Manager - Bridget Tilley

The AIS Communication and Stakeholder Engagement team works with all the AIS departments to meaningfully engage with key stakeholders and the public by developing a clear AIS narrative that promotes the role of the AIS and provided services within the high performance sport system.  The area supports the AIS CEO directly and enhances AIS programs with services and event delivery by developing key messages and collateral, including production, design, along with traditional media engagement. AIS Communications and Stakeholder Engagement manages digital content to effectively communicate to sports, athletes and the public. They create and publish articles, news, announcements and content across the AIS website and other channels including Social Media.

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Key Initiatives

Professional Networks

Manager: Alison Campbell

Leads the development of multi-discipline professional networks including professional sport services, technical leads from within sport and the National Institute Network. This includes quality assurance of professional networks standards and practice.

Key Initiatives

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