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Australian Institute of Sport

Applied Technology and Innovation

Applied Technology and Innovation

Director: Ian Burns

Leads a collaborative sports research, applied technology and innovation program delivering performance advantage. Through clearly prioritised channels of research, multi-disciplinary expert programs, technical expertise and solutions in areas where a unified or nationwide approach is appropriate.

Programs within Applied Technology and Innovation


Manager: Damien Carter

The Engineering Programs Team provide the technical and engineering capabilities to support the AIS’ role in the national high performance system, delivering the larger system level tools and solutions on the frontiers of ethical sporting performance, that no other body is naturally positioned to do. Continued investment in new equipment and technology for the Engineering Team, along with an increase in Engineering Team staff numbers recently, has armed the AT&I Team with exceptional capability to deliver technical and equipment based solutions to NSOs.

Athlete Availability

Manager: Mick Drew

Implements health improvement and injury/illness prevention programs and professional practices to increase the availability of high performance and emerging athletes, to allow them to continue to train and compete successfully throughout their career. As well as growing sport professionals’ knowledge and skills to implement athlete availability programs, through the development implementation of tools and education programs.

Key Initiatives

Gold Medal Ready Program

Manager: Rosie Stanimirovic

Manages a multi-sport program that assists athletes to be world best in converting medal potential into mental readiness to deliver Gold Medals at major events, especially Olympic Games.

Key Initiatives

Video and Machine Learning

Specialist: Stuart Morgan

Develops machine learning technology and its applied outcomes to optimise the Australian high performance training and competition environments. Undertakes design and execution of projects using advanced techniques in data capture, analysis and machine learning, to generate competitive advantage for Australian athletes, coaches and their support teams.

Research and Development

Manager: Tim Kelly

This team leads research channel identification, funding and PhD projects as well as overseeing development and implementation of these research initiatives as they mature.

Athlete Management System

Manager: TBC

Leads and manages the national implementation of the Athlete Management System to monitor high performance athletes and ensure that the data produced will provide decision support for athletes, coaches, scientists, clinicians and other key system partners. Interfaces with the National Institute Network, National Sporting Organisations, sport science, sport medicine practitioners and coaches to achieve successful data outcomes.

Key Initiatives

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