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Australian Institute of Sport

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

Director: Matti Clements

The vision of the Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Section is for Australian athletes to learn, thrive and contribute to the community during their time in high performance sport and life afterwards.

The Athlete and Wellbeing team leads and supports Australia’s sporting industry to understand that a successful high performance culture relies on athletes finding the right balance between wellbeing, engagement in activities outside of training and competition, and the requirements of their elite sport. A cornerstone of this work is the development, with NSOs, an Athlete and Wellbeing Framework unique to each sport which outlines a model of service delivery to support the wellbeing of all athletes within the high performance system.

The Athlete and Wellbeing team has five streams, outlined below, which will develop system capability to provide for athlete personal development, wellbeing and engagement with the community.

Programs within Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

Mental Health

Manager: Matt Butterworth

Access best practice mental health information, advice and services for current and former athletes including crisis care and critical incident management. The development of a national Mental Health Referral Network for athletes is a first of its kind initiative for sport, providing 24-hour critical incident support for athletes.

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Key Initiatives

Conduct and Professionalism

Manager: Richard Redman

Provide sector leadership in the provision of expert advice on managing ethical decision-making issues and immediate next steps based on legal mandate, professional codes, Sport Australia/AIS code of conduct, policies and procedures. As well as providing access to education, expertise and mentoring regarding responsible behaviours specific to elite sport.

Key Initiatives

Personal Development

Manager - Bronwyn Jonathan

A focus on the holistic growth of high performance athletes. Blended learning opportunities assists athletes to thrive in a range of life contexts and includes a variety of self-knowledge and financial wellness programs. Lead and support the Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Network by providing specialised programs to support the implementation of programs to athletes and their personal support network.

Career and Education

Manager: Ros Holding

Provide information, advice and face to face or online learning related to education, career mapping, professional development and work experience. As well as providing education and leadership to the National Institute Network and NSO athlete and wellbeing managers.

Key Initiatives

Community Engagement

Manager: Adam Woolnough

Provide opportunities for community engagement and networking events and digital engagement connecting Australian Athletes with athlete wellbeing and engagement activities. Providing opportunities for athletes to connect to the community at local and national level. As well as engage in speaking engagements and activities to increase individual and squad profiles.

Key Initiatives

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