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Australian Institute of Sport

Sport Strategy and Investment

Sport Strategy and Investment

Director: Alex Newton

Drives and enables the strategic and transparent allocation of total integrated resources and investment through a collaborative, evidence and principle-based approach to sports and athletes.

Programs within Sport Strategy and Investment

Sport Investment

Manager: Phil Loong

Develops evidence based, customised models, frameworks and systems to support sport to make balanced investment decisions and achieve sustainable improvements in high performance outcomes.

Key Initiatives

Sport Insights and Predictive Analytics

Manager: TBC

Develop evidence-based, customised models, frameworks and systems, to provide performance insights and sophisticated data to enable the prediction of future performance.

Sport Strategy and Performance Solutions

Manager: Katie Culbert

Collaborates with sports, high performance system colleagues and key stakeholders to develop evidenced-based and future focussed sport specific performance strategies. This contributes to maximising Australia’s high performance system goals and achieving key performance indicators.

Key Initiatives

Performance Pathways

Manager: Anna Longman

Leads NSOs in the planning, development, coordination and delivery of partnerships, strategies, research and approaches to establish contemporary and sport-relevant elite athlete pathways that successfully identify, nurture and develop talented athletes.

Key Initiatives

Performance Consultant

Manager: Tudor Bidder
Manager: Chris O'Brien

Work with NSOs and their High Performance Programs to provide agile, outcome-focused performance advice and solutions, that answer key performance questions and gaps.  Lead sports in the development of strategic, operational and campaign plans that continually improve their trajectory towards achieving consistent Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth medal outcomes.

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