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Complaints concerning a sport

Sport Australia does not handle complaints related to the operation of sport organisations, clubs or associations.

If you have a complaint concerning a sport or sport organisation the following options are available:

  • In the first instance, lodge your complaint with the sport at the level at which the issue has occurred (i.e. if it is a club issue then it should be initially dealt with at club level; if it’s a state or national issue direct it to the appropriate level authority).
  • Visit Play by the Rules website to find out more information about making a complaint.
  • If you are having difficulty or are unsure of where to lodge your complaint, you should review the Member Protection Policy of the national sporting organisation (NSO). All sports recognised by Sport Australia are required to have a Member Protection Policy and complaints handling procedure available on their website.
  • If the matter relates to concerns about doping in sport, or an alleged anti-doping offence, please contact the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.
  • If the matter relates to discrimination, harassment or bullying based on a person’s gender, race, age or disability, contact the Australian Human Rights Commission or a state/territory antidiscrimination or equal opportunity agency for advice. Note that discrimination in sport is legal in some circumstances, for example, age-graded teams or single-sex competitions. Please visit the Play by the Rules website for more information.
  • If the matter relates to potential criminal activity, including sexual or physical assault or child protection issues, contact your local Police immediately.

More information

Sport Australia does not have the authority to intervene or conduct reviews into the outcomes of complaint handling processes conducted by sport organisations.

Sport Australia may monitor the handling of complaints at the national level but we do not directly handle or conduct investigations into complaints made against sport organisations. Any complaints made against a sport to Sport Australia will be referred to the relevant sports organisation to manage.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint or with the complaint handling process conducted by your sporting organisation, the Play by the Rules website has information which may assist you in determining the best method for resolving your complaint, including how to make a complaint, what to expect and where to get further help.

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