National Sport Plan


About the National Sports Plan

National Sport Plan

Through a National Sport Plan the Government seeks to set out Australia’s expectations of the sports sector, including our shared goals for high performance sport; sporting participation; cultural and public health outcomes and levels of investment.

The health, cultural and economic contribution sport makes to our country is significant. The National Sport Plan is intended to guide future priorities and approaches, to position Australian sport for the long term. It will examine and seek input from individuals, community groups, sporting organisations, businesses and governments.

The development of the National Sport Plan is intended to be a system wide examination of sport in Australia to strategically position sport into the future. This will be delivered around four key, interrelated pillars of participation, performance, preventive health through physical activity, and integrity.

Development of the Plan is about laying out a vision where each Australian can dream and each Australian can do. They can be a part of sport, they can play sport, and they can be engaged in healthy living. Through the participation pillar we seek to identify how to maximise the participation of Australians in sport and to identify and reduce barriers to participation.

The Plan is about enabling Australians to be their best selves, and for our best athletes (individuals and teams) we want to provide the right support. Through examining performance we seek to identify high performance Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth Games and non-Olympic sports objectives.

Sport plays a central role in keeping people active and healthy and can be the conduit to a long, healthy life. Through examining prevention we seek to identify how to use sport to achieve population health goals and reduce the burden of chronic disease in Australia, drawing from the wealth of expertise in this sector.

The Plan is about maintaining vigilance to keep unwanted elements out of Australian sport. Through examining integrity we seek to identify how best to protect Australian sport from integrity threats, such as doping, match-fixing and illicit drugs.

Developing the plan is a priority for the Government and we seek to hear the views of a broad range of interested Australians. As part of the consultation process the Australian community and interested governments, organisations, community groups and individuals are invited to make submissions.

For further information and to view the questions, please download the questionnaire.