Our purpose

The ASC promotes and supports the development of a cohesive and national sport sector that creates opportunities for all Australians to participate and excel in sport.

Our purpose is to strengthen Australian sport – to enable more people to play sport and Australian athletes to succeed on the world stage.

The ASC’s 2016–20 Corporate Plan outlined four strategic pillars which underpin our purpose and guide our core activities and objectives

Win: International Success

Play: More Participation

Thrive: Sustainable Sports

Perform: Organisational Excellence

In 2016–17, work across the four pillars: Win, Play, Thrive and Perform, contributed to the achievement of the ASC purpose and the ASC’s Outcome 1 as identified within the Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) 2016–17

Outcome 1: Increased participation in organised sport and continued international sporting success including through leadership and development of a cohesive and effective sports sector, provision of targeted financial support, and the operation of the Australian Institute of Sport.