Board and committees

Board appointments

The ASC Board is the accountable authority under the PGPA Act. The ASC Act provides for between eight and thirteen Board members, appointed by the responsible Minister, including an ex-officio Commissioner representing the Department embracing the Federal Sport Portfolio.

Alisa Camplin-Warner was appointed as Deputy Chair on 27 June 2017 following the resignation of Mr Mark Stockwell as Deputy Chair and Commissioner on 2 March 2017. During 2016–17

Mr John Wylie was re-appointed as Chair until November 2020 and Mr Pat Farmer had his term extended until February 2020.

Consistent with the ASC’s focus on increasing female representation on sporting boards, four of the nine current ASC Commissioners are women.

Board members

Board activity

The ASC Board met formally on six occasions throughout 2016–17.

Throughout the year the Board continued to oversee a range of strategic priorities aimed at addressing the challenges facing our sector and identifying opportunities to ensure that more Australians are engaged in sport, and that we remain one of the world’s pre-eminent sporting bodies. Under the guidance of the Board, the highly popular and effective Sporting Schools program continued to grow, with more than 5,600 schools delivering the program across Australia. We have also been working closely with our state counterparts to further align the high performance network, and work more closely towards shared, common goals that support athletes, coaches and sports.

In the second half of the year the Board was actively engaged in leading the development of a new strategic direction for the ASC, one that will enable it to continue to lead the sector in high performance and participation, and ensuring that we can continue to support sports with improved governance and leadership capabilities. This work is ongoing and will remain a key focus as we lead into 2017–18.

Other activities overseen by the Board included a range of ASC governance and compliance related matters such as the endorsement of the ASC’s Financial Statements, the ASC’s Performance Statements, the ASC Annual Report and Corporate Plan.

Table 10: ASC Board meeting attendence
NamePositionMeetings eligibleMeetings attended
John  Wylie amChair66
Mark Stockwell*Deputy Chair44
Alisa  Camplin-Warner oam**Member/Deputy Chair33
Pat Farmer amMember65
Andrew PlymptonMember66
Jennifer  Morris oamMember66
Stephen  Moneghetti amMember66
Katherine BatesMember65
Danielle  Roche oam***Member11
Martin Bowles psmEx-officio65

*resigned 2 March 2017
**leave of absence 1 July 2016 — 1 January 2017. Appointed Deputy Chair 27 June 2017.
***leave of absence 20 March 2017 — 6 May 2017

Throughout the year officials from the Department of Health attended several Board meetings in an observer capacity.

Board committees

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

The ASC Finance, Audit and Risk Committee advises the Board on matters relating to ASC financial management and strategic planning, efficiency, physical assets, risk management and all aspects of internal and external audit, compliance matters, and NSO finances.

During the reporting period the Committee, chaired by Andrew Plympton, continued to have a particular focus on reviewing and reporting on NSO finances, reviewing the ASC’s financial statements, monitoring the ASC’s PGPA Act legislative compliance, oversight of the ASC’s capital and infrastructure projects, and overseeing the internal audit program.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee met on six occasions during 2016–17.

Table 11: ASC Finance, Audit and Risk Committee meeting attendance
NamePositionMeetings eligible to attendMeetings attended
Andrew PlymptonChair66
Robert DaltonMember65
Katherine BatesMember66

Governance and Executive Performance Committee

The ASC Governance and Executive Performance Committee advises the Board on better practice corporate governance for the ASC and NSOs, and on executive performance and remuneration issues.

During the reporting period, the Committee had oversight of the CEO recruitment process; continued its focus on governance reform in sport; established and monitored strengthened performance objectives for the CEO, AIS Director and General Manager, Participation and Sustainable Sports; conducted a Board performance self-assessment; reviewed the ASC’s approach to talent management; and, monitored Board and ASC senior management conflict of interest declarations.

The Governance and Executive Performance Committee met five times in 2016–17.

Table 12: ASC Governance and Executive Performance Committee meeting attendance
NamePositionMeetings eligible to attendMeetings attended
John Wylie amChair55
Alisa Camplin-Warner oam*Member22
Jennifer Morris oamMember55