The Australian sporting environment

The Australian sporting environment has been in the spotlight in 2017–18, with the 2018 Commonwealth Games hosted on home soil at the Gold Coast from 4 to 15 April 2018 and the successful and widely followed Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in South Korea.

The year also saw some significant challenges to the integrity of sport, both in Australia and overseas, which caused widespread public outcry and highlighted the need for our continued focus in this area.

The world in which Australians interact with sport is changing, with new digital ways of enjoying and socialising, and a preference for more tailored products. There is also increasing recognition of the importance of physical activity and the societal benefits that this can bring.

In high performance, international competition is continually intensifying and many nations have become stronger competitors. Sport Australia must continue to play a key leadership role in the high performance sports system, while promoting the ethics and integrity of which our nation can be proud.

The Australian Government makes a significant contribution to Australian sport, and it is important that this investment reflects the value our society places on sport. Our participation in, and passion for, sport and physical activity creates significant benefits for Australia, driving a range of economic, health, educational and community benefits as well as enhancing our international reputation.

Sport 2030, the Australian Government’s national sport plan, was released on 1 August 2018 by the Honourable Bridget McKenzie, Minister for Sport. All Australians, particularly those in the sporting community, were invited to contribute to the development of Sport 2030. Sport Australia played a significant role in the consultation and development of Sport 2030 during 2017–18 and going forward will lead the implementation of Sport 2030 to create an even better and more successful national sports sector.

Sport Australia has a once in a generation opportunity to transform Australian sport and position itself as a leader of the sport and physical activity sector. Much of the work undertaken in 2017–18 has been preparing our organisation and sector for this change. Our new brand is about connecting with every Australian to inspire, educate and get them moving.