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Sport Governance Education and Training

The Start Line – Director Education Course

This free online course has been designed for aspiring and current directors who want to enhance their understanding of governance in a sporting context.

Whether you are a board member of a national or state sporting organisation, association or a club, or you would like to be, this course will increase your capability and confidence to govern sport effectively.

Course length

  • This course includes 5 modules and will take around 2 hours to complete.

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About the Course

In recognition of the important leadership role Directors hold within the Australian sport landscape, Sport Australia have partnered with the State Territory Agencies for Sport and Recreation to develop the first ever online Director Education Course - The Start Line.

Excellent Directors are critical to the success of sporting organisations. Directors have a range of significant legal obligations and the decisions they make have a central impact on their organisation.

This course will provide the foundational knowledge to enable new and existing Directors to understand their duties and responsibilities and to make an effective contribution to their organisation’s Board.

Director Education course contributors

More information

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