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Participation Design Toolkit

Participation products and experiences

Information and resources to assist in designing participant-centred products and experiences

A quality participant experience is key

A quality experience is the main factor that attracts and keeps people returning to sport and ensuring the products you design are informed by insights about participant needs and wants is vital to ensuring a positive experience. Not only could a poor experience turn a participant away from the activity, it could have a negative impact on their overall physical activity levels and perceptions of sport. The way people want to be active and engaged is changing and should be considered in product design. If sports don’t evolve and put participant needs at the core of design and delivery they risk losing market relevance.

Key resource

  • Doing Sport Differently from VicHealth explores ways to offer social sport that is engaging, accessible and appropriate for new markets, including less active people

Products and experiences
What do we mean by participation products and experiences?

Participant-centred approach
How can we put participants at the core of product design?

Product and experience design resource

This resource will support sport organisations at different points on their design journey. It will help them explore opportunities for retention and growth, identify ways to approach product design and learn from others who have tackled similar design challenges.

If you are interested in working with Sport Australia on participation products and experiences, email the Participation Planning team at

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