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Athlete Development

Top 10 Tips for Parents

Tips to help parents nurture and support their child’s sporting development.

All parents want to make the right decisions for and with their child. In this web page we have collated our top 10 tips for parents to nurture and support their child’s sporting development.

When considering these tips or recommendations, it is important to match your expectations with your child’s developmental status and their motivation for participating in sport. Children often play sport for fun and social reasons, competitive and performance-orientated reasons or a combination of all these factors. Nurturing a love of playing sport at any level has many benefits. Remember this is just the start of their lifelong journey enjoying sport.

Well-intentioned individuals often exhibit the traits of a ‘bad sports parent’ because they simply lack better guidance. Parents are recognised as critical support agents for their children’s sporting future. Your guidance, support and behaviour during your child’s formative sporting years can positively influence their sporting journey, enhance the parent’s own enjoyment of sport and foster an enriched bond between you and your child.

For a positive, fun and nurturing experience of sport, parents must remain positive, regardless of the result, and stay realistic in their shared expectations to avoid putting pressure on the child. You can greatly assist your child’s development through your engagement with your child’s coach, by providing a strong and positive role model and upholding integrity and respect.

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