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Club Development

Helping sporting clubs examine how they operate and supporting them to build and improve capability through Sport Australia’s Game Plan.

What is Game Plan?

Sport Australia’s Game Plan provides sporting clubs of all sizes with insights into their current capability and the tools and resources for ongoing development. It has replaced Club Health Check.

Watch the short video below to find out more, then register and get started today!

Game Plan is designed to:

Assess a club’s capability and performance at a time relevant to them.

Identify areas for improvement.

Provide access to relevant resources to support club development.

Inform the direction and priority of activities and investment to build capability.

Game Plan has been developed to enable a club to improve the quality of skills of its people, the volunteers and management, to adapt quickly and maximise the resources a club has. When key committee workforce is churned or lost, the club will have access to a trusted record, allowing organisational continuity over time.

Game Plan has these 6 features:

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