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Game Plan

Supporting clubs and sports to build capability

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is focused on improving the capability of sporting organisations to create an effective and sustainable national sport sector. The ASC supports club development through its free online platform, Game Plan.

Game Plan is a free online platform that allows sporting clubs of all sizes to get insights into their current capability in key areas of club administration, then supports ongoing club development with a suite of tools.

Clubs assess and evaluate their own environment, identifying their unique strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Volunteers are the heart of every club. Game Plan makes it easy for club leaders to assess and analyse information about holistic club operations, to make good immediate decisions whilst developing clear plans for the club’s future.

Over 3,000 Australian sporting clubs across 78 different sports are gaining key development and capability growth through their use of Game Plan.

“We found Game Plan very easy to use and the resources were easy to adapt for our club.”

Chen Li, President – Sloths Dragon Boating Club

Game Plan is designed to:

Assess a club’s capability and performance at a time relevant to them.

Identify areas for improvement.

Provide access to relevant resources to support club development.

Inform the direction and priority of activities and investment to build capability.

Game Plan has been developed to enable clubs to make the lives of sporting club volunteers and leaders easier and ensure important club information is stored in one place, so that over time, as things change and progress, the club has a trusted record of information.

Key elements of Game Plan

Game Plan features 1. Club Profile, 2. Priorities, 3. Assessment, 4. Plan, 5. Resources, 6. Monitor
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