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Recognition of National Sporting Organisations

The Australian Sports Commission (Sport Australia) recognises eligible National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (NSODs). NSO/NSODs are organisations that Sport Australia will support to achieve the Australian Government’s sporting objectives.

NSO/NSOD recognition is an important function undertaken by Sport Australia. NSO/NSODs are recognised for a defined recognition period. Organisations that are recognised as NSO/NSODs have met the recognition criteria, which assist in determining whether an organisation is considered the pre-eminent body for the sport that it represents in Australia, has sufficient standing within its sport and has an adequate level of corporate governance and oversight.

Whether a sporting organisation meets the recognition criteria is assessed during the recognition process that Sport Australia follows in managing applications for new organisations and for the ongoing recognition of NSO/NSODs.

Sport Australia periodically reviews the recognition criteria and the supporting process to ensure each remains relevant and contemporary. Sport Australia may change the recognition criteria as a result of a periodic review.


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Benefits of Recognition

NSO/NSODs are eligible to access a range of benefits. Formal recognition does not automatically entitle the NSO/NSOD to receive Sport Australia or Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) funding; however, a sporting organisation must be recognised to be eligible for Sport Australia and AIS investment. Recognition also does not constitute an endorsement or accreditation of the quality of the organisation’s sport programs.

Recognised NSO/NSODs can access the following benefits:

The right, subject to any directions or guidelines given by Sport Australia, to be referred to as an NSO/NSOD recognised by Sport Australia and to use the Sport Australia logo.

The opportunity to apply to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to use the Commonwealth Coat of Arms on playing and dress uniforms of Australian representative sports persons and accompanying officials.

Entry in the online Australian Sports Directory as the NSO/NSOD for the respective sport.

Access to grant programs available to recognised NSOs/NSODs such as dAIS, Local Sporting Champions and Women Leaders in Sport.

Invitations to attend workshops, seminars and other Sport Australia forums conducted for NSOs/NSODs.

Access to NSO/NSOD services and information from Sport Australia Partner Portal / Sports Hub, the National Sport Information Centre, and the Clearinghouse for Sport.

Recognition Assessment Process

Review of Recognition Criteria

Recognition Criteria (July 2021)

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