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Grants and Funding

National Sporting Organisation (NSO) Investment 2018-19


Sport Australia reviewing its participation investment approach to ensure alignment with the new Sport Australia strategy and to include the additional funding packages announced during the recent Federal Budget. While change is anticipated, funding for 2018-19 will remain at current levels.

For the first six months Sport Australia will pay 50 per cent of the investment allocation, aligned to the participation investment categorisation framework. This will be considered ‘core funding’ and is provided to support national sporting organisations (NSOs) to meet Sport Australia compliance expectations in areas such as governance, finance, participation and safe sport.

Leading up to January 2019, Sport Australia will begin transitioning into the new investment framework. Future allocations will include ‘impact funding’ which will be invested to drive outcomes in focus areas such as increased levels of physical activity, enhanced workforce capability and business capability.

Confirmation of the core and impact investment approach will be provided later this year and NSOs will be supported as we transition into the new framework. The new participation investment framework will be introduced in full in July 2019.

Core investment is provided to support our long-term partners to meet Sport Australia expectations in the key business areas of governance and integrity, finance and reporting, participation products and services and safe sport policy and practice.

Impact investment is provided across the sport and physical activity sector to achieve outcomes which facilitate positive change. Change must be tangible, measurable and contribute towards one or more of Sport Australia’s impact investment focus areas.

High Performance

Sport Australia is pleased to confirm that minimum commitment of current 2017-18 levels of funding will continue for the full 2018-19 financial year. Consideration will be given to extend funding time horizons beyond 30 June 2019 for some sports as early as possible, following the announcement of the national sport plan. We will be looking to provide longer term funding commitments to those sports most likely to contribute to the new AIS strategy and Australian high performance system targets as a priority. Subject to affordability, the AIS may also consider some immediate investment increases where there is a strong performance case.

Final 2018-19 allocations are provided in the investment allocation outlined below.

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