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“I feel like a high performance athlete”: How Taymon Kenton-Smith targeted Tokyo

03 September 2021

Confidence is key when competing at the highest level and the AIS Engineering Team has helped Para-archer Taymon Kenton-Smith feel world-class for his first Paralympic Games.

Kenton-Smith, who was born with a partial left hand, is competing in the men’s recurve open and mixed team events in Tokyo, aided by a custom grip and arm brace created by the AIS Engineering team.

Led by AIS Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer Callum McNamara, the team took a 3D scan of Kenton-Smith’s arm and worked closely with him to develop a grip using 3D printing.

The device not only provides Kenton-Smith with greater comfort and stability, but as the digitised product can be easily reprinted, it also provides the Paralympian peace of mind.

A few years ago, I had next to nothing in terms of support,” Kenton-Smith said.

“I was basically making it up all as I went along and I was throwing things together and hoping that it worked.

“Now I feel like a high performance athlete. All the Engineering Team have really paid attention to what I want and what’s right for me personally, giving that strong personal touch.

“I feel like I am getting the backing of my country and it’s a tremendous feeling.”

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