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Nation’s top coaches mentor the next generation

29 February 2024

21 of Australia’s most experienced and distinguished coaches have joined the 2024 AIS Coach Mentorship program to guide the country's up and coming high performance coaches.

Coaches stand in front of presentation screen.
Coach mentors attend training session in Brisbane ahead of 2024 AIS Coach Mentorship program. From left, Sharon Hannan (Athletics), Tony Meyer (Golf), Michael Nelson (AIS Coach Development Lead - SASI), Bennet King (Cricket), Barry Dancer (Hockey) and Edwin Jongejans (Diving).

With almost a century of experience between them, Barry Dancer, Tracey Menzies-Stegbauer and Bennett King are among 21 distinguished coaches who will share their wisdom with the next generation as part of the 2024 AIS Coach Mentorship program.

Matched based on skills, experience and location, each mentor has been paired with an emerging coach including Paralympian Jason Lees and World Champion Water Polo player Jacqueline Northam, for twelve months of knowledge sharing, guidance and development.

Accomplished athletics coach Sharon Hannan will take world number one sailor Amelia Catt under her wing and said she is excited to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the up-and-coming coach.

“I personally have benefited from having a mentor throughout my career, so with a long list of my own experiences, mistakes and successes I think I have something to offer emerging coaches,” Hannan said.

“I have been informally mentoring coaches within athletics for a while and it has been really rewarding, so I am very excited to formally mentor Amelia and apply my experience to a different sport.”

Mentors and mentees will meet regularly to work on their individual goals and will attend monthly online forums to share their learnings and build connections across the cohort.

Head Coach of NSW Institute of Sport Women’s Hockey program Ben Senior said he is looking forward to learning from his mentor, renowned cycling coach Shayne Bannan, as well as the broader group.

“Having the opportunity to learn from someone so experienced in leading a team as a coach and as a High Performance Director at multiple Olympic games is invaluable,” Senior said.

“Learning from the lived experiences of others provides cognitive diversity which challenges and maintains curiosity, which I think is vital for continual development.”

A list of the 2024 mentors and mentees is below.



Barry Dancer, Hockey

Alistair Addison, Hockey

Shaun Caven, Paddle

Graham Fidler, Triathlon

Bennett King, Cricket

Adam Didyk, Athletics

Stuart Dew, AFL

David Smith, Paddle

Vicki Linton, Football

Alison Tucker-Monroe, Netball

Tom Westgarth, Rowing

Christian Fabris, Paddle

Graham Reid, Hockey

Jason Lees, Wheelchair Rugby

Ben Higson, Swimming

Tristan Brown, Sailing

Jan Stirling, Basketball

Amber Cameron, Diving

Nick Flyger, Cycling

Craig Stewart, Swimming

Andrew Schacht, Volleyball

Alexander Haecker, Judo

Phillip Smyth, Basketball

Thomas Garlepp, Basketball

Mark Hager, Hockey

Jacqueline Northam, Water Polo

Jamie O'Loughlin, Basketball

Ricci Cheah, Para Archery

Tracey Menzies-Stegbauer, Swimming

Emma Lynch, Diving

Sharon Hannan, Athletics

Amelia Catt, Sailing

Paul Thompson, Rowing

Renae Garlepp, Basketball

Tudor Bidder, Athletics

Catherine Berry, Shooting

Tony Meyer, Golf

Harriet Jones, Diving

Shayne Bannan, Cycling

Ben Senior, Hockey

Edwin Jongejans, Diving

Irene Torealba-Merida, Sport Climbing

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