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Virtual Internships open to athletes seeking flexible work experience

28 February 2024

For high-performance athletes it can be hard to find time to prioritise work experience opportunities outside of sport, especially if their sporting commitments require them to be overseas or include regular travel.

Cross-country skier Seve de Campo mid competition.
Cross-country skier Seve de Campo completed a virtual internship related to his engineering and commerce degree while competing in Europe. Source: Getty

The AIS Virtual Internship Program supports athlete career growth by providing flexible, remote work experience in their preferred industry as well as personalised support and coaching.

Applications are now open for the program, which is now in its third year, and offers internships across 18 career fields with companies based all around the world.

For Olympic cross-country skier Seve de Campo, who completed a virtual internship with Chilean based biotech startup AQUIT, the program offered a chance to gain workplace experience related to his engineering and commerce degree.

“The content and exposure to real world industry was awesome and the flexibility was an opportunity for growth,” de Campo said.

The virtual nature of the program meant that he was able to complete his internship tasks while competing in the cross-country skiing racing season in Europe.

“I certainly would recommend virtual internships to other athletes. The process allows interns to take the time choosing an internship that aligns with their goals and interests and the internship itself is perfect for athletes as it provides the flexibility necessary to complement training and travel,” he said.

GIANTS netballer Tilly McDonell also speaks highly of the program, having completed a virtual internship in law to support her university study and set herself up for a career post-sport.

“The skills and knowledge you gain are invaluable. Given the time and energy restraints that we face as student-athletes, this is an opportunity for work experience you can't miss,” McDonell said.

“I found that managing the work of the virtual internship alongside netball was achievable. As with university studies or netball, if you did a little bit every day the load proved to be very manageable.”

Giants Netball star Matilda (Tilly) McDonell defending a shot from the opposition.
Giants Netball star Matilda (Tilly) McDonell completed a virtual internship in law to support her university study and set herself up for a career post-sport. Source: GIANTS Netball

The Virtual Internship program is available to current and alumni athletes.

If you are interested in joining the 2024 Virtual Internship Program or want to know more email Applications close at 5 pm on Thursday 28 March.

The ASC offers a range of personal development programs for athletes. To find out more visit athlete personal development programs.

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