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Sport Australia and AIS

Who we are

The Australian Sports Commission was established in 1985 and operates under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989. It is governed by a board of commissioners appointed by the Australian Government. The board determines the ASC’s overall direction, decides on actual allocation of resources and policy for delegated decisions, and is accountable to the Minister of Sport and to Parliament.

The Australian Sports Commission is administered from Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Bruce campus. Other offices are located in Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as the AIS European Training Centre in Varese, Italy.

What we do

Sport Australia is Australia’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and the cornerstone of a wide-ranging sports system. On behalf of the Australian Government, Sport Australia plays a central leadership role in the development and operation of the Australian sports system, administering and funding innovative sport programs and providing leadership, coordination and support for the sport sector.

Sport Australia is recognised as a world leader in the development of high performance sport and sports participation. Services are provided in a range of fields including:

  • high performance coaching
  • sport sciences
  • sports information
  • sports management
  • facility management
  • education and resources
  • participation development
  • delivery of funding programs to national sporting organisations.

How we operate

Sport Australia plays a central leadership role in the development and operations of the Australian sport sector, building collaboration, alignment and effectiveness. Sport Australia works directly with sporting organisations, peak bodies, the Office for Sport, state and territory departments, institutes and academies of sport, and the business sector.  Now and into the future, Sport Australia will focus on three key roles: leading, enabling and investing.

Sport Australia will continue to evolve its leadership role within the sector, taking a whole of sector view, understanding the systems in which we operate both here and overseas, and the challenges and trends which will impact on operations. We will champion the value of sport across governments and the broader community.

We will work with partners to improve the capacity and capability of sports organisations to enable them to thrive as viable operations and maximise their contribution to high performance and participation outcomes. We will translate and share analytics and insights for partners to drive improved decision making. We will invest in organisations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, targeting our investment to those who are ready to deliver, and holding them accountable for achieving results.

Sport in Australia

Australians love sport – it is a defining characteristic of our national culture and one that brings our diverse population together. Whether it is for the friendships, fitness, the thrill of the competition or the pure love of the game, sport is important to Australians. We are fiercely proud of our international sporting reputation and respected for the achievements of our athletes on the world stage.

It is for these reasons the Australian Government is a significant investor in sport. This investment is wide ranging and includes: helping our best athletes represent Australia; getting more Australians – particularly young Australians – active in sport; protecting the integrity of sport; and hosting major international events. The benefit to Australians from this investment is significant: economic, health, social and community.

But Australia’s rich sporting tradition, and the significant value derived from it, is facing challenges.

Australians are increasingly time poor. Demographic, social and economic factors are influencing who plays sport, how they play and what sports are being played. With these changes new preferences are emerging; Australians want greater flexibility, more tailored products and sports that suit their lifestyle. Sport Australia must be at the forefront of helping sport thrive in a changing environment. The challenge is to ensure that sporting organisations and clubs remain relevant, grow and prosper.

On the international stage, competition is constantly intensifying and improving. Many other nations have now replicated our innovations, tapped into our expertise and made strategic investments, and as a result have become stronger competitors in international sport. To retain our pre-eminent position in world sport, the Australian high performance system needs to do things smarter and better.

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