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Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government agency responsible for supporting and investing in sport.

The ASC was established in 1985 under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 and operates in accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

The ASC is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Minister of Sport. The Board determines the ASC’s overall direction, decides on allocation of resources and policy for delegated decisions and is accountable to the Minister for Sport.

The ASC comprises; Sport Australia — responsible for driving the broader sport sector including participation, supporting activities linked to sport and sport industry growth, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) — leading our high-performance sport system.

ASC Annual Report 2019-20

ASC Corporate Plan 2020-24

Our focus

Our focus is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians and build stronger communities through participation and engagement with sport. From grassroots right up to the pinnacle of elite international competition, we work together with the sport industry and the wider community to champion the role sport can play in engaging every Australian regardless of age, race, gender, cultural background and physical ability.

The ASC is delivering three key outcomes:

Getting more Australians moving more often through sport

Building the capability of sport to create a robust, connected industry

Creating national pride and inspiration through international sporting success

Our operating model

Australian Institute of Sport

Our purpose
Our purpose is to build sustainable winning systems for Australian athletes that are measured through consistently producing podium success over multiple cycles, inspiring the next generation.

How we operate
The AIS works with the National Institute Network (NIN), National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and other key partners: the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and Commonwealth Games Australia. We are leading implementation of the return-to-sport strategy following the COVID-19 pandemic, including establishment of the AIS Reboot for Sport Framework and assisting sports to manage the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to 2021. We work closely with all our partners to develop collaborative and transparent relationships to achieve the best possible outcomes for all sports. Supported by the NIN, the National High-Performance Sport Strategy 2024 (NHPSS) was endorsed by all States and Territories in 2019. The AIS allocates funding for; high-performance and national programs, research and innovation, the AIS Campus (Canberra), and the European Training Centre in Italy.

Our focus
Delivering national pride and inspiration through international sporting success. Our investment philosophy is to target multiple medallists over multiple cycles, and support our NSO partners through our resources, research and facilities. We know that success will be driven by innovation, athlete wellbeing, targeted investment and a commitment to being ahead of the game internationally.

Sport Australia

Our Purpose
Sport Australia is responsible for driving greater participation, engagement and capability in Australian sport.

How we operate
Sport Australia invests in national sporting organisations, including organisations for people with a disability, to champion the value of sport and encourage Australians of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to get involved in sport. In addition to providing funding, Sport Australia is focused on improving the capability of sporting organisations to create an effective and sustainable national sport sector.

Our focus
Sport Australia’s work includes:
– Determining and recognising the peak national bodies for sports in Australia, known as National Sporting Organisations (NSOs);
– Directing the Australian Government’s investment in NSOs to achieve greater sport participation outcomes and industry growth;
– Supporting NSOs with expertise and guidance in areas such as governance, financial advisory, workforce development and digital technology;
– Managing major Commonwealth grant programs, including:
* Sporting Schools
* Local Sporting Champions
* Women Leaders in Sport
– Undertaking national research with the AusPlay survey and knowledge sharing through the Clearinghouse for Sport to help connect the sporting sector and inform decision-making;
– Developing and implementing programs that encourage increased participation in sport;
– Delivering resources that provide guidance to support inclusive, safe and ethical sport.

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