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Sport Australia

Corporate structure

Sport Australia is the public operating name of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), the Australian Government’s leading sport agency that develops, supports and invests in sport at all levels. It was established in 1985 and operates under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is structured into four divisions.

The Executive

AIS Operations
Deputy Director

Rod Medicott

Applied Technology and Innovation
Deputy Director

Ian Burns

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement
Deputy Director

Matti Clements

Performance Networks & Partnerships
Deputy Director

Dean Kenneally

Performance People & Teams
Deputy Director

Darlene Harrison

Sport Strategy & Investment
Deputy Director

Alex Newton

Sport Partnerships
Executive Director

Robin O'Neill

Partipation & Business Performance
Deputy General Manager

Cameron French

Deputy General Manager

Kate Schildberger

Grants Planning & Reporting

Wanda Sipa

Strategy & Innovation

Gavin MacDonald

AIS Site Services
Deputy General Manager

Sue Minter

Business Operations
Deputy General Manager

Geoff Howes

Deputy General Manager / CFO

Fiona Johnstone
(Peter Dunlop, acting)

People & Culture
Deputy General Manager

Ali Halpin

Digital Strategy & Insights
Deputy General Manager

Wing Cheung

High Performance & Participation Marketing
Deputy General Manager

Fiona Boughton

Site Commercial

Sam Ceravolo

Media & Communications

Chris Wilson

Brand Strategy & Experience

Tracey Hutson

The Board

The ASC is governed by a board of commissioners who bring a range of expertise to guide the work of the ASC. Our board includes former athletes, business people and journalists, each with extensive, first-hand knowledge of Australia’s sporting landscape.

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