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Director opportunities and development

Advertise a board position

There are many ways sporting organisations can advertise board positions. The National Sport Directorship Register is a good place to start.

The Australian Sports Commission established the National Sports Directorship Register (NSDR) to connect people who would like to become a board director or chair with sporting organisations that have a vacancy.

Register a director vacancy by completing the form below.

Once the form is submitted, the vacancy will be sent to the Clearinghouse for Sport, advertised on the recruitment page and promoted in the Daily Sports News newsletter. It will also be sent to the Sport Governance and Organisational Enhancement team and included on the NSDR.


Position details
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Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

Sporting organisations can also advertise vacant board positions on the AICD Directorship Opportunities Portal.

AICD Directorship Advertisement: Guide for sharing directorship opportunities through the AICD

Other ways to advertise board positions

You can also promote board positions on:

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