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For NSOs and NSODs

Sport customisation opportunities

Sport customisation opportunities

To further enhance the baseline user experience each NSO has the option to customise elements of the ASC’s Game Plan. Partnering with the ASC to customise Game Plan for your sport can create a closer connection to your clubs and sport leaders.

Seeing sport-specific imagery, co-branding and resources can support a stronger commitment to utilising the data and insights and driving regular engagement for long-term sport and club progression.

NSOs can customise Game Plan by partnering with the ASC to:

  • Co-brand the Game Plan portal for your sport’s clubs
  • Add sport-specific questions to any of the existing modules
  • Add sport-specific resources to existing modules
  • Build sport-specific modules relevant to your sport Strategic Plan

Benefits of customisation in Game Plan include:

  • access to sport-specific data and insights via the ASC Partner Portal, which can be used to inform an NSO’s planning, priorities and investment
  • opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of organisational performance and change over time
  • improving organisation outcomes by aligning planning, process, people, actions and results
  • increasing efficiencies in program, initiative, resource and workforce development
  • using analysis of localised information to connect to clubs and assisting state sporting organisations to target support to clubs in key areas more proactively.
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