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Evaluation and Assurance of funded National Sporting Organisations

The Sport Governance Standards (SGS) are the measures by which sporting organisations at both the National and State level can evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their governance systems and processes.

The SGS have been co-designed with the Australian sport sector to achieve continuous governance improvement in all sporting organisations, with an increased focus on accountability and transparency.

Using the SGS as an organisational governance evaluation tool, government agencies are able to identify, advise, support, resource, as well as educate our sport partners. In doing so, government agencies at both the national (Sport Aus) and State and Territory level will use SGS evaluations to work with sporting organisations to continually improve their governance systems and process.

There are 38 SGS, each comprising 4 measures, which NSO/Ds assess their own performance against annually. Each of the Standards align to one of the 9 Sport Governance Principles, effectively bringing the Principles to life. A key output from the SGS self-assessment is the SGS Benchmarking Report.

The aim for this report is to benchmark the current governance maturity of all NSOs, forming the basis of a Sport’s Governance and Organisational Enhancement Plan, as well as identify the major development needs of the NSOs to prioritise support, education and resources for the sector.

Sport governance standards print version

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